Or on being on the right side of the track.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Picking up speed

These days we hear about a new online innovation every second, make it every nanosecond. Noone doubt the world has changed since the internet revolution. But is it any better? Can you positively say there is more love being spread around? Have delinquencies ratios dropped to levels never reached before? And has poverty and famine become extint?

Among many consequences and side effects, the eruption of the wired-collective has allowed for massive transference of wealth. Granted, many low-life and many decent small fishes have benefitted from this (I am raising my hand) but more and more it appears that larger corporations and broad based conglomerates stand to benefit the most. It isn't a surprise to see that, once again, after the gutsy pioneers juiced out the initial gold rush, the bigger fish starts to get hungry. I am somewhat less optimistic about the benefits of a universal cybernest, however, when I come across smaller, humble, shoe-string endeavours like this I have reasons to smile again.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of small intitiatives out there that do not require deep pockets, large IT departments and sophisticated machinery. Many garage-like entrepreneurs or even just warm-hearted fellows who would like to provide a free service have found ways of implementing useful ideas.

I can only hope to see more and more of this.